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Hey there lovely, I’m Aubrie; a florist, artist, web designer, and the creative behind Pebble + Dot.

As far back as I can remember I have always had this burning need and passion for everything creative, from music to art and design, to all things nature, I would constantly be drawing, picking wild flowers or raiding the garden. 

At age 19 I found myself in Hamilton with no job, no real idea what I was doing there, and a great shock to a shy young creative - my bills didn't pay themselves! So I decided, if I had to work, why not find something I could fall in love with? I spent the next two years training at a large florist, re-discovering my creativity through the amazing world of floristry.

My relationship with the art of floristry can only be described as a love affair. I fall more in love with flowers every day. With so many textures, colors and forms, you couldn’t blame a girl for getting a little lost in the beauty of it all. Rather fittingly, I am now a wedding florist, at the age of 22, in the stunning town of Nelson, NZ. Someone pinch me xx