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As the youngest online florist in Nelson I am constantly researching all the latest trends and techniques world wide. I just LOVE trying new things with flowers and incorporating my natural design style into every piece I make, which tends towards rustic, boho, natural + wild. Weddings are my absolute passion, though I love making anything flowers, and think dried flowers are just as good as fresh (why not mix the two).

Flower quality and freshness is just as important as the overall design, as is supporting local and NZ grown/made. My on-going goal is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I am trying my best, but am nowhere near perfect, so if you have any ideas on how I can be more earth-friendly, please flick me through an email!


...Just in case you were wondering where the name came from, I thought I'd explain:

A sucker for most things cute and fluffy I have always wanted to have dogs, but the timing or fencing situations have never been quite right. Pebble and Dot are names I had picked out for the furry friends I will one day have, and it seemed a pretty good name for doing what I love daily. So, that's how that happened, and I think it suits me and what I do pretty damn well xx