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“We were so lucky to run into you just a week before our wedding - thank you so much for the buttonholes, flower crowns and bouquets you made for us. You were so accommodating and your designs for our wedding aligned with our aesthetic perfectly. All the items were beautiful individually, but cohesive as a set and really added amazing detail to our grooms' party. Thanks again, Nelson's lucky to have you!”

- Niall & Josh | Groom & Groom


“These seriously were the BEST bouquets I saw all season - absolutely over the top STUNNING. When I saw them I come up the aisle I think I audibly said “holy shit”

- Sian | Marriage Celebrant

(Emily | Nelson | 2019)

“Oh my gosh you did amazing!!!!!!! I am IN LOVE with all of your work xx thank you soooooo much”

- Emily | Bride

(Nelson | 2019)